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Speak life!

I have the privilege to speak to people every week. I obviously prepare! I pray, I study, I think, I listen to other speakers and try my best to communicate in a way that helps people in their life. And something that I always wanna communicate is LIFE!! I believe Jesus is about LIFE! The Bible say that Jesus came that we might have life and life in ABUNDENT. John 15:11 tells us that Jesus said what he said so that his joy would be in us AND that our joy would be full!! SO JESUS IS ABOUT LIFE! He is about JOY! He is about FULFILLMENT he is all about speaking LIFE and JOY – And thats how i wanna speak! How do you speak? Is the result of what you say LIFE or is it actually DEATH? Does it build up or tear down? I wanna speak in to people’s future and not remind them of their past. I wanna speak hope and that the future can be better.
But that is sometimes hard. Because it’s easy to look at circumstances and the reality that we live in. I’m not saying we should ignore reality.. But I am saying that God is not limited as we are and thru his power we can experience his supernatural life. And lets speak from that reality into our reality and believe that HIS REALITY CAN BE OUR REALITY!
That’s why I always wanna speak LIFE. Not just on a stage. But just as much when I hang out with my friend over a cup of coffee. And i wanna prepare my self form that!


Gomorron Sverige SVT

image imageI made a bucket list a few years ago. One thing was to be on the morning show on Swedish television and talk about my faith in Jesus. This week I got to do it. CHECK! ✔️